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King of the Wood Valerie An and William Rufus F
Crown of Roses Valerie An and Richard III F
The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy Ian Arthurson Perkin Warbeck 1491-99 NF
The Pastons Richard Barber A family during the Wars of the Roses NF
Medieval Panorama Robert Bartlett NF
The Hallow Crown John Barton Fall and foibles of kings
The Lodestar Pamela Belle Richard III F
The Pastons and their England H.S. Bennett NF
Secret History: “Truth” about Richard III and the Princes Bening/Collins Communications from beyond the grave into the ‘Great Mystery’
The Black Plantagenet Pamela Bennetts Edward, The Black Prince
Warriors of the Dragon Gold Ray Bryant Saxon Times 1013-66 F
Book of Royal Lists Brown & Cunliffe Facts on British Royalty NF
The Lion of Justice Margaret Butler Henry II & Becket F
The Lisle Letters Muriel Byrne Arthur Plantagenet, son of Edward IV NF
Under the Hog Patrick Carleton Richard III 1470-85 F
The Tragedy of Charles II Hester W. Chapman 1630-1660 NF
Europe’s Inner Demons Norman Cohn European witchcraft NF
Below the Salt Thomas Costain Magna carta F
The Pageant of England Thomas Costain Sympathetic to Richard NF
The Heron’s Catch Susan Curran William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk F
The Midwife’s Apprentice Karen Cushman 14th C England F
Catherine called Birdy Karen Cushman Diary of a young woman 13th-14th C England F
My Lords Richard M. Davidson Anne Nevelle, Richard Warwick and Richard Gloucester F
The Normans and their Myths R.H.C. Davis Normans including England and Italy/Sicily NF
The Trial of Richard III Dewett and Redhead Transcript and background to the TV programme NF
History of Two Queens: 4 Volumes W.H. Dixon Catherine of Aragon & Anne Boleyn (Published: 1870) NF
Richard III – A Reader in History Keith Dockray
The Betrayal of Arthur Sara Douglas Exploration of the Arthurian legend NF
The Strangled Queen Maurice Druon Louis X F
Mary Anne Daphne de Maurier Mistress of Frederick, Duke of York, son of George III F
House on the Strand Daphne de Maurier Trips from the 20th C back 600 years F
Shadows in Bronze Lindsey Davis 2nd Falco F
One Virgin too Many Lindsey Davis 10th Falco F
Scales of Gold Dorothy Dunnett 15th C Europe
The Spring of the Ram Dorothy Dunnett House of Niccolo Series – Vol. 2 F
King Hereafter Dorothy Dunnett Macbath F
Niccolo Rising Dorothy Dunnett 15th C Europe
A Pride of Kings Juliet Dymoke William Marshall
Of the Ring of Earls Juliet Dymoke Battle of Hastings
The Lion of Mortimer Juliet Dymoke Edward I and Simon de Montfort F
House of Echoes B. Erskine Ghostly happenings in the Yorkist era F
The Traitors of Bosworth R. Farrington Post-Bosworth
The Killing of Richard III R. Farrington Richard III
Bowman of England Donald Featherston Military History – story of the bow NF
All for a Shilling a Day Donald Featherston Dramatised military history – mid 19th C F
The Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett Historical saga set in 12th Century F
The Field of Redemore Peter Foss Bosworth
Song for a Prince Raymond Foxall Llewellyn the Great F
The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England Antonia Fraser 1066 – 1975 NF
The Paston Letters James Gardiner (editor) 1422 – 1509 NF
London William Gaunt Places of interest in London
The Autobiography of Henry VIII Margaret George Henry VIII F
A Dictionary of Medieval Heroes Gerritson and Van Melle NF
York Castle Museum Guidebook to the museum NF
Richard III and Buckingham’s Rebellion Louise Gill NF
The Medieval Machine Jean Gimpel Industrial Revolution in the Middle Ages NF
The Other Boleyn Girl Phillippa Gregory Mary Boleyn F
Old Worcester: People & Places Bill Gwilliam NF
Machiavelli & Renaissance Italy J.R. Hale Biography NF
Chronicles of the Age of Chilvalry Elizabeth Hallam Plantagenets 1216-1377 NF
Ricardian Britain Carolyn Hammond Guide to Ricardian sites NF
The Battles of Barnet & Tewkesbury P.W. Hammond 1469-1471 NF
The Road to Bosworth Field Hammond & Sutton Richard III and Bosworth
The Tongs and the Bones: The Momoirs of Lord Harewood Seventh Earl of Harwood Son on Mary, Princess Royal NF
The Story of York Minster F. Harrison History and guide-book NF
The Dark Rose Cynthia Harrod-Eagles Anne Boleyn’s maid F
Elizabeth of York Nancy Lenz Harvey Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV NF
In a Dark Wood Wandering Hella S. Haees Charles, Duke of Orleans F
Polydore Vergil Denys Hay Study of Vergil’s writings NF
My Lord John Georgette Heyer John, Duke of Bedford F
Richard III and his Rivals Michael Hicks Magnates and their motives in the Wars of the Roses NF
Who’s Who in Late Medieval England Michael Hicks NF
Richard III Michael Hicks NF
The Green Salamander P. Hill Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox F
Don’t Call Him Mortimer S. Hill Illegitimate son of Edward IV F
Hammer for Princes Cecilia Holland England during Stephen’s reign F
The Later Middle Ages 1272-1485 George Holmes NF
A History of Fatheringhay S.J. Hunter Compiled for the Church Restoration Committee 1987 NF
A King’s Grey Mare Rosemary Hawley Jarman Elizabeth Woodville F
We Speak No Treason Rosemary Hawley Jarman Richard III F
The Princes in the Tower Elizabeth Jenkins Edward V and Richard, Duke of York NF
Richard III Paul Murray Kendall Richard III NF
Warwick the Kingmaker Paul Murray Kendall Earl of Warwick NF
The Yorkist Age Paul Murray Kendall NF
1485 – From Plantagenet to Tudor G.R. Kesteven “Studies in English History” NF
Memorial to the Duchess J. Kettle Alice, Duchess of Suffolk
Walking and Exploring the Battlefields of Britain John Kinross AD 878-1944 NF
Richard of England Diana Kleyn Perkin Warbeck NF
The Arts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance P. Locroix 19th Century view of these NF
The King’s Women Dinah Lampitt Charles de Valois F
The Crowning Glory Jennifer Lang The reign of Richard II F
‘Till the Day Goes Down Judith Lennox-Smith Anglo-Scots border prior to Armadad F
Bloody Mary Hilda Lewis Mary I F
The Spanish Armada Michael Lewis Elizabeth and Philip of Spain NF
The Merry Mistress Philip Lindsay Jane Shore F
Crown of Aloes Norah Lofts Isabella of Spain F
The Spanish Tudor Freda Long Mary I F
The Shadow of the Tower J. McAlpine Background to TV series on Henry VII NF
The Trusted Servant Alison Macleod Henry VIII F
The Usurpation of Richard III Mancini/Armstrong Events of 1483 NF
The Lady and the Unicorn Isolde Martyn Margery, ward of the Kingmaker F
Chartism F.C. Mather NF
Monmouth Harry A.M. Maughan Henry V F
Vainglory Geraldine McCaughrean 15th C France F
The Tower of London R.J. Minney
Richard III and York Dorothy Mitchell NF
Guide to Ricardian Yorkshire Dorothy Mitchell NF
Three English Kings Margery Morris Simplified stories based on Richard II, Henry IV and Richard III F
England in the Late Middle Ages A.R. Myers 1307-1536 NF
The White Queen Lesley Nickel Anne Neville F
Shakespeare’s Kings J.J. Norwich
On the Trail of King Richard III L.M. Ollie HF
The White Boar Marion Palmer Richard III F
The Wrong Plantagenet Marion Palmer Perkin Warbeck F
A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury Edith Pargeter Henry IV and Hotspure F
The Scarlet Seed Edith Pargeter 13th C England and Wales F
The Green Branch Edith Pargeter 13th C England and Wales F
The Queen’s Man Sharon Kay Penman F
When Christ and his Saints Slept Sharon Kay Penman Stephen and Maud F
The Sunne in Splendour Sharon Kay Penman Richard III F
The Murders of Richard III Elizabeth Peters Dated “murder-weekend” myster F
St Peter’s Fair Ellis Peters Murder mystery set in 1139 F
The Holy Thief Ellis Peters 9th Brother Cadfael F
The Confession of Brother Haluin Ellis Peters 15th Brother Cadfael F
Brother Cadfael’s Penance Ellis Peters 20th Brother Cadfael F
The Woodville Wench Maureen Peters Elizabeth Woodville F
Anne the Rose of Hever Maureen Peters Anne Boleyn F
Elizabeth the Beloved Maureen Peters Elizabeth of York F
The Plantagenet Prelude (2 copies) Jean Plaidy Eleanor of Aquitaine and Thomas Becket F
The Revolt of the Eaglets Jean Plaidy Henry II and sons F
The Bastard King Jean Plaidy William the Conqueror F
Here Lies our Sovereign Lord Jean Plaidy Charles II F
The Queen from Provence (2 copies) Jean Plaidy Eleanor, queen of Henry II F
The Goldsmith’s Wife (2 copies) Jean Plaidy Jane Shore F
The Reluctant Queen Jean Plaidy Anne Neville F
The Evergreen Gallant Jean Plaidy Henry of Navarre F
The Lion of Justice Jean Plaidy Henry I F
Spain for the Sovereigns Jean Plaidy Ferdinand and Isabella F
A Health Unto His Majesty Jean Plaidy Charles II F
Daughters of Spain Jean Plaidy Daughters of Ferdinand and Isabella F
Caroline the Queen Jean Plaidy Queen of George II F
The Haunted Sisters Jean Plaidy Mary II and Anne F
The Prince and the Quarkeress Jean Plaidy George III and Hannah Lightfoot F
Danger to Elizabeth Alison Plowden Catholics under Elizabeth I NF
The King’s Ransom (2 copies) Glen Pierce Richard III F
Richard III Pitkin pictorial
Prisoners in the Tower Pitkin guide 1100-Rudolf Hess NF
Henry VII Derek Pitt Henry VII NF
Richard III and the Princes in the Tower A J Pollard NF
Royal Mysteries and Pretenders Stanley Poole Edward V to Anastasia NF
A Trail of Blood Jeremy Potter Search for the princes in Henry VII’s reign F
Good King Richard? Jeremy Potter Richard III’s reputation NF
Pretenders Jeremy Potter Robert of Normandy to Cardinal York NF
Son of Dust H.F.M. Prescott 11th C Normandy prior to the Conquest F
Mary Tudor H.F.M. Prescott Mary I
Six Wives of Henry VIII Paul Rival
Cry God for Harry (2 copies) Martha Rofbeat Henry V F
Cry God for Glendower Martha Rofbeat Richard II F
Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses (2 copies) A.L. Rowse Richard III – Bosworth and its sequel NF
The Tower of London A.L. Rowse NF
The Forest Edward Rutherford The New Forest, William II and after F
The Weaver’s Tale Kate Sedley F
Katherine (2 copies) Anya Seton Katherine Swinford and John of Gaunt F
Richard III Shakespeare The play and commentary Drama
Richard III Notes Interpretation of the play
The Complete Book of Heraldry Stephen Slater NF
A Tudor Tragedy (2 copies) Lacey Smith Catherine Howard
The History of Europe John Stevenson, Editor 2500 B.C. – AD2000 NF
The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart Merlin and Arthur F
The Wicked Day Mary Stewart King Arthur’s final days F
The Last Enchantment Mary Stewart Merlin’s tale of Arthur F
For the White Rose Herbert Strang Edward IV 1455-1471 [1912] F
An Unknown Welshman Jean Stubbs Henry VII F
Richard III and the Knave of Cards Sutton/Visser-
Fuchs An illuminator’s model in manuscript and print 1440’s – 1990’s NF
One Hundred Middle Ages Lyrics Robert Stevick
The Seventh Son Reay Tannahill Richard III F
Daughter of Time Josephine Tey Richard III F
Tudor Enclosures Joan Thirsk Pamphlet for the Historical Assoc. NF
The Crime of Mary Stuart George Thomson Mary and Darnley NF
The Golden Age of Europe Hugh Trevor-Roper Elizabeth I to Louis XIV NF
The Unravished Bride Terry Tucker Richard II F
Anecdotes from History Grabt Uden Ancient Greece to the 20th century NF
The Christians as the Romans Saw Them Robert L. Wilken NF
A Sprig of Broom Barbara Willard Richard of Eastwell F
The Lark and the Laurel Barbara Willard Post-Bosworth F
The Eldest Son Barbara Willard 1530’s F
The Battle of Bosworth D.T. Williams
The Butt of Malmsey Hugh Ross Wilkinson George Duke of Clarence F
Wife to the Kingmaker Sandra Wilson Anne Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick F
A Stallion at Sunrise Martyn Whittock King John/Templars F
Lucrezia Borgia Slan Wykes
Six Wives of Henry VIII Separate plays about each queen D
The Romance of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Blackburne and Bond NF
Medieval Towns NF
Knights in Armour NF
Henry VIII A Clarendon biography NF
The Paston Letters Fenn and Srcher-Hind, ED Vol. 1 and 2 NF
English Society and Government in the 15th C CMD Crowder 7 essays from “History Today” NF
The Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth Official souvenir programme NF
Richard III: On Trial for Murder Michael S. Bennette NF
The Trial of Richard III Drewett and Redhaed Transcript NF


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