The biennial Convention of all the Australasian Branches was held at the International on the Water Hotel, Ascot, Perth, Western Australia over the weekend of 13th to 15th October 2017.
The Conventions allow Ricardians from “Down Under” to gather and enjoy fellowship and scholarship in convivial surroundings. Commencing with Registration on the Friday evening, 35 Ricardians joined together over drinks and finger food and renewed old friendships .Saturday comprised the presentation of several papers on a Ricardian theme sadly hampered at times by the lack of adequate audio/visual equipment, none the less speakers’ topics were interesting and varied and included a humorous report on the Twitter exchanges between Richard and his followers over the past year. The highlight of the Convention, the MEDIEVAL BANQUET followed that evening. The Banquet,a colourful affair, saw participants dressed in full costume enjoying top quality food and wine. Diners were entertained by a professional Jester in full costume who ensured the proceedings flowed smoothly and in good humour.
Further papers were presented on the Sunday morning together with a formal business session when participants had the opportunity to discuss Society developments as reported by Society Vice President, Rob Smith. Announcing the award of the 2017 “Robert Hamblin” Awards to Margaret Collings of South Australia and NZ Branch founder and long time Editor, Margaret Manning; Rob reported that the Society Executive had been faced with two outstanding nominations, and having been unable to decide between the nominees, had decided to make two awards this year. The Meeting received the news with loud acclaim. at the recognition of two Australasian recipients selected from the entire Society membership, world wide.
As the proceedings neared conclusion, the WA Branch organisers were thanked for their efforts in ensuring a most enjoyable get together and before the Convention closed for lunch it was announced that the next Convention in 2019 will be held in Melbourne.


The Branch has a new venue for the Hutt meetings. Deirdre Drysdale has introduced us to “the Sanctuary”, 88, Richmond Street, Off Udy Street, Petone.

Access and limited car parking is down the driveway at the side of the property. Deirdre and the search team report the facility is ideal, cost effective and we don’t have to share!

2015 Australasian Convention in NZ

The 2015 Convention  held at the Angus Inn, Lower Hutt on Labour Weekend was an undoubted success. 44 delegates, 22 from Australia, gathered at the Angus on Friday night for registration prior to the official welcome and opening by Chair, Deirdre Drysdale. Branch Secretary, Rob Smith, read messages from the Society Chairman, Phil Stone together with others from far a field. Deirdre presided over the traditional candle lighting ceremony before those present settled in to socialise well into the evening.

Saturday comprised a full day of interesting presentations on a variety of topics interspersed with more light-hearted skits and readings. The evening glittered with Ricardians  gathering for bubbles and nibbles prior to the traditional Medieval Banquet

Sunday morning continued the presentations before Rob Smith, as a Society Vice President, conducted the customary business session. Lunch then followed before the Chair farewelled everyone but not before Victoria Branch Chairman, Michael Iliffe, offered the thanks of all assembled to the organisers for what was he described as one of the most enjoyable and successful conventions yet  held.

The next Convention will be held on 13th to 15th October  2017 in  Perth. Start saving!

Richard’s Re-interment

A year has passed since we re-interred Richard with dignity and honour. Those fortunate to attend will never forget such a once in a life time experience.

But the work of the Society goes on, the usual knockers still seem blind to the obvious and we must continue to refute those who seek to besmirch Richard’s reputation.

LAST MEETINGS. 7th April 15 members attended together with new member, Susan Grant-Mackie.
After the normal business proceedings , Secretary Rob Smith, presented a paper on the search for the site of Bosworth Field over the centuries culminating in what is thought to be the true site near Fenn Lane Farm some 2 ks South East of Ambion Hill along the old Roman Road, Fenn Lane.
The Kapiti Meeting on 5th May sadly was truncated as members from the South were prevented from attending due to traffic snarl ups at the usual bottlenecks made worse by fans of some Rapper performing in Wellington travelling in their hordes!
NEXT MEETINGS at Petone on 2nd June will hear a talk on Henry Vi by Annette Parry. The Kapiti meeting is scheduled for 7th July with details to be announced

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